Haroun and the Sea of Stories

What happened in Chapters 1 to 8 of Haroun and the Sea of Stories?

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There are chapter abstracts available on bookrags.com

Chapters 1-2: Khalifa lives in the middle of this city with his father and mother. His father, Rashid, is a famous storyteller.Khalifa's mother runs away with another man and in a fit of anger breaks all of the clocks in the house. He can't concentrate at all and his father thinks that taking him with him on his storytelling rounds will cure him. Unfortunately, when Rashid goes to tell his stories, nothing comes out.

Chapters 2-3: He and his father travel to the valley of K where they meet the mysterious Mr. Buttoo who is guarded by heavily armed men. Khalifa wants to leave. They go to his houseboat which is full of books. His boat is called Arabian Nights Plus One. Khalifa notices that many of the places that they pass through are the same as in some of his father's stories.

4-5: Khattam-Shud is “the Arch-Enemy of all Stories...the Prince of Silence and the Foe of Speech.. This is what has happened to the father. There is a commotion amongst the leaders on the balcony. A spy has been caught in the Twilight Area. The spy is brought forth before the crowd. He is wearing a blue nightgown and a hood. The hood is removed, and Haroun is shocked to see his father, Rashid Khalifa.

7-8:Haroun realizes that by volunteering to help save Batcheat, he is becoming caught in another princess rescue story. Blabbermouth tells him that she removed the Disconnecting Tool from under his pillow while he was asleep. As the army enters the Twilight Strip, Haroun despairs that it is all a suicidal mission. They move into a small clearing where they see a man who looks “almost like a shadow” with a sword. As they near, they realize that it is a man fighting his own shadow.

The Shadow Warrior begins to croak out unintelligible words.Rashid explains that it is not uncommon for those who have not used their voices in a long time to lose control of it.Kitab asks for Mudra’s help and Mudra agrees. He tells them that they must make a decision -- which Khattam-Shud do they fight first.Haroun bravely stands up and volunteers. He tells them all that he had grown up hearing the stories but that he never believed they were true.