Geography Club

Who is Gunnar from Geography Club and what is their importance?

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Gunnar has been one of Russel's best friends for the last five years. Gunnar is originally from Sweden, but Russel and he became friends when Gunnar moved to Idaho with his parents. Gunnar asks for Russel's help in getting a girlfriend, which is why Russel agrees to double-date with Gunnar and the girl he likes, Kimberly.
Gunnar ends up using Russel to continue to be able to date Kimberly by making Russel date Trish. When Russel wants to leave their third date, Gunnar refuses to drive him home, choosing trying to have sex with Kimberly over his friendship with Russel.
Later, whne Gunnar apologizes, he also admits that he's always known that Russel was gay. The two boys make up and Gunnar becomes a member of the gay-straight-bisexual alliance as his way of siding with Russel and Min in their sexuality.