Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture

expore how couplan engages in what lainsbury calls a therapeutic oral story telling regime wiith emphasis upon one or more charater from gen x

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Generation X seems to provide an insight into a generations identity rather than how they identify on a national level. In other words, most of this generation seem solely focused on simplifying their lives almost in a backlash against the previous generation that was focused on hedonistic self gain at any cost. And, additionally, those Gen Xers that don't get 'on board' with the movement are fair game as far as being singled out for ridicule. Interestingly enough, Coupland offers, that these same people, then turn around a try to make the stinging commentary less harsh by offering opposing views. A good example of this is the character of Claire. Claire assesses the old patrons who visit her store as “endless waves of gray hair gobbling up the jewels and perfumes at work,” and as “greedy little children who are so spoiled, and so impatient, that they can’t even wait for food to be prepared” (9). Claire’s characterization of them it was nevertheless “a cruel, lopsided judgment of what Palm Springs really is” (9-10). What seems to prevail in this segment involving Claire is the fact that Gen -Xers seem to fear the future, and especially a future where they end up just like the clients and population that they now serve.