in frankenstein,victor involves himself in a series of experiments that have horrendous consequences.To what extent do you think that scientific progress can be more harmful than beneficial?discuss

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The scientific process has moved mankind forward throughout the ages. Safe drinking water, refridgeration, manned space flight are only some o the benefits that have come from the use of this process. However, there is always a darker side to everything and in this instance, the scientific process is no different.

When the scientific process becomes such that procautions are not taken, protocols are not followed, then human rights may be dismissed in the name of science. Often test subjects become numbers and not living beings, creating inhumane conditions and results. The syphillis tests are a good example of this.

In Frankenstein's Monster, Victor does not stop long enough to ask the whole (Jurrasic Park question) "should I be doing this". The question should not have been 'could' I do this, but 'should' I do this. Had he considered the ramifications prior to starting on his experiments, then he might not have attempted them.