Flowers for Algernon

What is the first name of Prof.Nemur and Dr. Strauss?

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Prof. Harold Nemur

Dr. Jay Strauss

Professor Harold Nemur As a professor of psychology at Beekman University, the pro-ject to increase human intelligence is Professor Nemur's lifelong work. But with his orientation to experimentation and science, Prof. Nemur has a hard time relating to Charlie as anything but a lab rat. This attitude creates an ongoing source of conflict for Charlie, who feels that he must constantly remind Prof. Nemur that he was a person before the experiment began. Dr. Jayson Strauss Dr. Strauss is the neurosurgeon who performs Charlie's surgery. He is also the psychiatrist whom Charlie meets with on a regular basis for therapy. Dr. Strauss tries to help Charlie deal with the memories he's recalling. He is very concerned that Charlie's intellectual growth will outpace his emotional growth, and, unfor-tunately, he is correct. Charlie perceives Dr. Strauss as a nonsym-pathetic figure, too, because of the distance he must keep as a therapist.