What is the setting and point of view?


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The novel is set in somewhere in the United States a hundred or so years in the future. Titus mentions flying his upcar over Nebraska, but the reader is not told exactly where he lives in the US. At the beginning of the novel, Titus and his friends party on the moon. They go to a no gravity/low gravity nightclub and bounce around. After the hack, they are in a moon hospital. It is similar to a regular hospital and has more gravity. After they leave the hospital, they return to Earth. For Titus and his friends, their homes are all very upscale, since they come from wealthy families. Each of their homes is situated inside a pod. The pod controls the seasons. Inside their homes, it is normal. Their houses have utensils for eating, dishes, furniture and attics.

The novel is told from a first person point of view. Titus, the narrator of the novel, gives the reader a close, first person point of view. Titus gives the reader access to his most private thoughts, including those he does not even share telepathically with Violet or his friends. Titus provides details similar to those of a normal teenager. He relays observations and details about his surroundings from a teenager perspective. In other words, through Titus's first person point of view, the reader receives descriptions of things that Titus notices as being "cool" or interesting. For example, when he meets Violet, she can push juice out of her mouth and suspend it in midair. Those are the type of details Titus provides, whether they are about a juice trick, trendy clothing, nightclubbing or horseplay with his friends. Thus, the point of view is adolescent and tends to lack any sort of depth or maturity until Titus goes through a trauma, and then finds out Violet is sick.