Fast Food Nation

Who is Carl Karcher from Fast Food Nation and what is their importance?

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Carl Karcher is considered the pioneer of the fast food industry, Carl Karcher moved from Ohio to southern California just before World War II, leaving a life as part of an itinerant farm family, to work in his uncle's feed store. As a side job, he drove a bakery truck for extra cash, met a girl, and got married. For $326.00, he purchased a hot dog stand, placing it across the street from the Goodyear Tire factory, selling hot dogs, chili dogs, and sodas to workers on their lunch breaks. During World War II, the Goodyear plant expanded its operation with government contracts, and Carl purchased more hot dog carts. By 1944, he owned four carts and was ready to expand in other ways. He purchased Street-Side Restaurant in Los Angeles, turning it into a drive-in barbecue.