Fallen Hearts

Who is Heaven Leigh Casteel Stonewall from Fallen Hearts and what is their importance?

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Heaven Leigh Casteel Stonewall is the main character in Fallen Hearts by V.C. Andrews. Heaven is a young woman in her early twenties. She is the daughter of toy tycoon Anthony Tatterton, yet Tony acts as Heaven's grandfather as his parentage is supposedly a secret to most.

Heaven grew up in Winnerow, a small town located in the hills of Virginia. The area is known as the Willies. Growing up, Heaven was one of the poor hill people, often undernourished and neglected. She was raised, briefly, by a step-father that owned a circus. Heaven eventually goes to live with her grandparents after being sold by her step-father, who Heaven believed for a long time was her natural father.

Heaven's mother was a stunning beauty that had an affair with her own step-father, resulting in Heaven's birth. This indiscretion, as well as her grandmother's marriage, was responsible for helping Heaven to claim a large family fortune.

Heaven is determined to make people see that the hill people are as worthy as everyone else.

Heaven marries her high school sweetheart, Logan, after a doomed love supposedly dies in a violent accident.

Heaven eventually becomes a school teacher in Winnerow and is determined to raise her family in her hometown. Throughout the story, Heaven sheds some of her damaged past to become a woman that learns to stand up for herself and to stop blaming others.