Fallen Hearts

Who is Anthony Townsend Tatterton from Fallen Hearts and what is their importance?

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Anthony Townsend Tatterton is the president of Tatterton Toys. He is also the owner of Farthinggale Manor, the family home that is passed down to the eldest son in each generation.

Tony is a highly successful, elegant man. He is self-assured, manipulative, and is determined that he should have anything his heart desires, even if it hurts others.

Tony married Jillian when he was twenty years old and Jillian was forty. At the time, Jillian's daughter, Leigh, was twelve. Leigh grew up to be even more beautiful than her striking mother. Tony and Leigh had an affair that resulted in Heaven's birth.

Throughout the story it is revealed that Tony will do almost anything to take care of Heaven, even when it means bribing her step-father into giving up all contact with her. This breaks Heaven's heart. The relationship between Heaven and Tony basically ends after Tony gets drunk and attempts to seduce Heaven, believing that she is Leigh. All efforts Tony makes after the fact fall on deaf ears and Heaven shuns Tony.

Tony tries to win over everyone and succeeds in the early days of Heaven's marriage when he makes Logan an offer he cannot refuse. Logan greatly admires Tony and begins to become like him, a fact which upsets Heaven.

As the story progresses, Tony begins to fall apart and realizes that he has lost everyone he has loved, particularly Heaven.