Who is Cabel Strumheller from Fade and what is their importance?

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Cabel is an eighteen-year-old high school senior. Cabel was badly abused as a child by his father and abandoned by his mother. Hence Cabel lives largely alone. Cabel has never been able to truly trust anyone, but after a big drug bust in which he acted as a narc, Cabel has become involved with Janie. However, Cabel's feelings for Janie frighten him and make him worry that one day Janie might leave him, or worse.
During the investigation into possible sexual abuse by a high school teacher, Cabel stays mostly on the outside, watching Janie as she struggles with the assignment. Cabel becomes angry when he learns of the things that happen to Janie in the course of the assignment and eventually comes to the realization that something bad could happen to Janie that will change her, that will make her a different person. This frightens Cabel enough that he ends the relationship. However, Cabel eventually comes to the realization that he cannot control everything and he is better off with Janie.