How do I start an introduction with a succinct thesis statement about performing a deconstructive criticism analysis regarding the poem "Ethics" by Linda Pastan?

This is for my Literary Theory class college level.

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A deconstructive criticism, at its core, will take a well known piece of literature (or not so well known) and take it apart, even challenging commonly held ideas of theme and symbolism. In Pastan's poem, Ethics, she reflects about an actual ethics course that she was taking at the time. The theme that tends to come through almost all of her poems are that of an artist struggling to emerge despite the demands that life places on her. If one were to choose a topic based on these themes, of a deconstructivist sort, one could choose to write about how she purposely selects everyday-ness, in an effort to show the actual mystery of the ordinary. Is living an oridnary life a temple or a prison, or both?