What is the event in Chapter 12 in Dragon Wings By Laurence Yep?

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In Chapter 12, the entire Company shows up the day before Windrider and Moon Shadow are to be evicted from their barn. They have paid the rent and brought a wagon to take the flying machine up the hill. Windrider is deeply touched by their concern. They drag the flying machine, named Dragonwings, up the hill. Miss Whitlaw and Robin join them just before Windrider climbs onto the machine and begins preparations for the first flight. Everyone is shocked and happy when Windrider gets his machine off the ground. Windrider flies all around the valley. As Windrider begins his decent toward the hilltop, one wing touches the hill and breaks apart. Windrider crashes. However, Windrider survives his crash with only a broken leg and some broken ribs.
After the flight, Windrider decides he does not want to build another flying machine because his family is more important to him. Therefore, when Uncle Bright Star announces that he has decided to give Windrider a full thousand dollar share in the company so that he can bring his wife to America, Windrider is very excited. It takes almost a year, but Windrider saves up the money and his family is reunited once again.