Dope Sick

Who is Rico from Dope Sick and what is their importance?

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Rico is a guy from Lil J's neighborhood. Rico is a drug addict who is often after the next big deal that will help him score more drugs. When Lil J learns he is not going to graduate from high school, he wants to reinvent himself, so he goes to Texas with Rico. Instead of reinventing himself, Lil J ends up spending six months in jail for attempting to rob a convenience store. Lil J apparently does not learn from this mistake, because he later agrees to help in a drug deal with Rico.
Rico and Lil J get high on stolen drugs from the supply they are supposed to sell to a new buyer. When they get to the buy, Rico is too high to notice the buyer is not right, but Lil J notices. They handcuff the buyer, and discover the buyer is a cop. Rico goes back and shoots the cop. Later, when Rico is arrested, he tells the police that Lil J is the shooter.