Define "Normal"

How does Antonia change over the course of the text?

Why does the character changes over the course of the text

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Over the course of the novel, Antonia, who is fourteen-years-old, struggles to keep herself together. She puts an inordinate amount of pressure on herself to make everyone happy, and she is afraid of letting people down. Antonia's mother suffers from depression and is often incapacitated. Her father abandoned the family years before. Due to her father's physical absence, and her mother's emotional absence, it falls on Antonia to take over the care of her two younger brothers. In addition to looking out for the boys, she also takes care of the house and her homwwork. gone and her mother is incapacitated, Antonia has stepped into the parenting role. She takes care of her two younger brothers, all the housework, and her own homework at the same time. She is an "A" student and intends to keep it that way.

Outside of the house, Antonia volunteers for a peer counseling program. In working with others, specifically a young girl named Jazz, Antonia finds herself at a loss in how to help the young girl. Antonia's own problems stand in the way, and she sees Jazz as a misfit, druggie, and complete loser. When Antonia is finally able to see the similarities in their lives and open up, she realizes that she looks forward to their session..... and that their developing friendship is as beneficial to the counselor (Antonia), as it is for the counseled (Jazz).


Define "Normal"