Daughter of the Forest

Who is Conor from Daughter of the Forest and what is their importance?

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Conor is Sorcha's brother. Conor is a gentle young man who is clearly not fit to be a warrior. Conor is very intelligent, even learning how to read and write at the hands of the hermit priest, Father Brien. Sorcha will learn while caring for Simon that Conor has been chosen by the Fair Folk to become a druid, explaining a great deal about the knowledge Conor seems to possess and powers he has that begin to manifest soon after. Conor can read Sorcha's thoughts and project his own thoughts into her mind. Conor can also conduct ceremonies that call the Fair Folk forward. In fact, Conor attempts to do this to rid his family of the evil of lady Oonagh, but fails. Conor, along with his five brothers, is turned into a swan by lady Oonagh. Unlike his brothers, however, Conor holds on to some of his human knowledge, allowing him to keep tabs on his father and sister while a swan.