Cry, the Beloved Country

How is fear an important topic in ''Cry,The Beloved Country'' and hre can i find examples of this in the book?

Im writing an essay about this book. My thesis: Paton teaches us that fear has a multiple effect on a variety of people. It has the power to destroy one's faith, but also the ability to mend a bro

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Fear is one of the main themes in Cry the Beloved Country "It is fear that rules this land," say Msimangu (chapter 5), for example. One character that is affected and driven by fear is Kumalo. When he goes to Johannesburg to search for his son he faces his own imagination and the fear that his son has been living badly. He says at one point: "Here in my heart there is nothing but fear. Fear, fear, fear." Later, in chapter 11, he hears of a white man being killed and he's afraid that it is Absalom that has killed him.