Help with a speech against cloning?

Ok I have to write a speech against cloning for my english class. It's kind of in debate form, affirmitive goes first then I go. I have gathered information off of random cloning essays on bookrags. Anyone want to help me with this speech or provide tips for me. Thanks

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There are many reasons why cloning is wrong. First of all, the chromosomes in a cell are tipped with protective DNA called "Telomeres" This highly repetitive DNA prevents damage to chromosomes. However, as the cell divides, the telomere grows shorter. Therefore, as one ages, their telomeres shrink, which is part of the reason why we show age. If one were to clone themself, the clone would show signs of premature aging, and would live a much shorter life than their original. Telomeres also protect against the rapid division of cells (a.k.a. cancer). Therefore, the clone would also have increased risk of cancer.

i dont know much about cloning but i can help you with the speech.

first tip, practice makes permanent

just keep practicing, especially if you don't like speeches. eventually you'll know it so well you'll get bored. this is good. when this happens, the speech is no longer a cognitive experience but instead is an associative one.

meaning, you don't need to think about the speech much anymore. this allows you to focus in on how youre presenting yourself instead of worrying you'll mess up

Yea David,

The arguement is very strong in favour of cloning based on present medical research.Since you are against it in the debate, i will not bother you with the medical points

in support.The telomeres shortening draw back of cloning mentioned in the first answer given to you above ,as a point against cloning, is obsolete now.There are new drugs developed recently,to elongate telomeres ,so with them that is no longer a hindrance unlike in the past.

The greatest point against cloning is the possibility of emergence of crazy mutants of animals, that we cannot control and could put the whole of us in jeopardy.

secondly it could also lead to demeaning of our laws since, if we could clone human beings ,then crime detection, prevention will be virtually impossible between clones.Abuse will also occur when control of human life becomes virtually within the power of human beings via cloning and God will loose his credibility albeit momentrarily, to our utter detriment and self destruction.

I hope that with these few points you could make it.Points in support of cloning that i want to let you know are:Parkinsosns and alzeihmers diseases as well as longevity could be prolonged by cloning research medically.However these are few in our society in terms ofg number of sufferers so you can argue your case that the funds into the research does not justify the benefits for now.Good luck.

cloning is cooel

Those who object to human cloning appear to do so because of their belief that the act is either somehow against the "Will of God" or is unethical or both. Similar objections are often raised over the practice of genetic engineering. While there is the potential for "mistakes" or "unintended consequences" in the cloning process or genetic engineering of plants and animals, various forms of genetic engineering, many totally natural processes, have existed as long as life forms have existed. I therefore find blanket objections to human cloning and/or genetic engineering to be absurd.