Breath, Eyes, Memory

What are three huge changes which occur in Sophie household and with sophie's few of men?

Chapter 9-10

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1) Sophie's mother moved to Brooklyn shortly after her daughter's birth. She is now twelve-years-old, and her mother sends for her to join her in New York.

2) Because her mother is so fearful that Sophie will give up her virginity and wants to reassure herself that her daughter is chaste..... Martine has her viriginity verified by doctors. Sophie is so traumatized by the invasive actions of the doctors (she is a virgin) that she breaks her own hymen. As a result..... her mother believes she has been sexually active and tells her to leave.

3) Sophie and Joseph marry, but she is still reeling from the trauma of testing..... their sexual relationship is not a good one. They separate as a result.


Breath, Eyes, Memory