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In chapter 11, what was the world state's popuplation's thoughts on death?
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Death is not thought of on the level we feel it today. It is more like a machine breaking down and having to be replaced. Actually, it is conditioned to be thought a wonderful thing at a very young age. Like every else, death is no longer meaningful. Fear and sorrow are transformed into joy and humor. The people laugh in death's face. "They learn to take death as a matter of course."

mikedufresne2013 | 2443 days ago

The population's views on death are much like their views on everything else....they believe what they are told to believe. Therefore, death is treated with no more concern than a hangnail. In fact, from early on in their lives they are aware that when they reach a certain age and are no longer of use to the state that they will happily accept 'retirement'. 

MHood2 | 1615 days ago