Big Sur

What is the main conflict in Big Sur by Jack Kerouac?

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First published in 1962, just seven years before Jack Kerouac died of an abdominal hemorrhage brought on by his excessive consumption of alcohol, "Big Sur" chronicles the summer of 1960, a summer Kerouac spends in California around Big Sur. The novel is another of his many autobiographical works, this time chronicling the daily reality of his extreme alcoholism and his first resulting meltdown with intensely vulnerable honesty and personal insight. The story moves from his accepting the invitation from a friend for him to spend three months alone at the Big Sur cabin to sober up and rest, through his short time there alone with nature and his thoughts, to his returning to the life of wild times with friends, both in San Francisco and Big Sur until he winds up in a complete mental breakdown brought on by the length and character of the bender that ensues.