Babylon Revisited

What is the author's style in Babylon Revisited by F. Scott Fitzgerald?

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Although Charlie does not narrate the story directly, it is through his vantage point that the actions of "Babylon Revisited" are described. The narrator separates himself from Charlie, however, by occasionally telling the reader things that Charlie cannot know or does not himself believe.

The structure of a work of fiction is the general organization of the scenes or events that make up the story. In its broadest outline, "Babylon Revisited" is divided into five sections. The first and last sections take place in the same location, the bar at the Hotel Ritz in Paris, and thus frame the story. In section 1, Charlie tells the Ritz bartender that he will be spending "four or five days" in Paris, and each section of the story narrates the events of each of these days. Only in the story's fifth and last section does Fitzgerald break this pattern, moving not to Charlie's fifth day in Paris, but to the evening of the fourth day, which began in the previous section.