As You Like It

explaination of the paraphrase-act 2 scene 7,lines=71-88

jaques speech

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The explaination is-

Why is that when any one denounces pride,he does not blame any private individual?Is not pride almost a universal vice?And is not the cause of the ruin of many?I do not mean any particular woman in the city when I say that the luxury of any ordinary citizen's wife costs the income of a prince. Who can come in and say that i mean her when my remark may apply to her as well as to her neighbour? And if some low-bred fellow comes and says that his fine clothes are not provided by money, and therefore, are none of my business, supposing that I have him in my mind, then it follows that the cap fits him. That is my point; let me see what follows. Let me see how my remark may have injured him,then I am not to blame. If he has no such vice as my censure aims at, then he is left untouched by my censure. But who comes here?