As I Lay Dying

What do Darl's eye symbolize in As I Lay Dying?

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Darl's eyes would seem to represent 'the truth'. He can see people exactly for who they truly are and not the facade that they portray to the world. That Jewel's father is not Anse is but one flash of insight that he gained from watching and putting two and two together. Dewey can't stand for Darl to look at him, nor can any of the other characters. Tull says of him:

"He is looking at me. He don't say nothing; just looks at me with them queer eyes of hisn that makes folks talk. I always say it ain't never been what he done so much or said or anything so much as how he looks at you. It's like he had got into the inside of you, someway. Like somehow you was looking at yourself and your doings outen his eyes" (112)