Ten Little Indians

What is chapter 7 of and then there was none about

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In Chapter 7 of And Then There Were None, Vera and Emily go to see if the boat has arrived yet. While they are watching Vera asks Emily about Mrs. Rodgers. Emily says that she knows that the Rogers killed their former employer. Vera is worried that they could be next. Emily agrees and tells her story to Vera. Beatrice Taylor had been her servant until she'd become pregnant and couldnt' work. When Emily threw her out the poor girl killed herself because she had no where else to go. Vera asks Emily if she feels badly that the girl died, and Emily says that she does not.

Meanwhile, Armstrong comes out onto the patio to talke about his own suspicions to Lombard. He believes that the Rogers would only have had to withhold the heart medicine when their employer had a heart attack, and it would have been an easy way to kill her. He suggests that all of them have been brought to the island because they have been guilty of similar unprovable crimes.