An Astrologer's Day

plot of an astrologers day ?

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An Astrologer's Day starts off with the introduction of the Astrologer (who is never named) who lives in an unnamed city in India. He is plying his wares on the street as well as selling various items like newspapers and vegetables. It becomes clear that the Astrologer is a con man who does not have any true abilities with astrology. Wwe see this in the way that he treats a client that comes along. However, this day, the client is not calm or quiet. The client challenges him to make a real reading. He insists that if the Astrologer cannot rise to the occasion that he will get his money back and then some.

This upsets the Astrologer who is afraid of being exposed. He sits down and nervously begins to foretell the man's future. Once he gets going he is able to tell the client some incredible information, including his name and the fact that he was once stabbed and thrown down a well. He also tells him that he need no longer look for the man as he is dead. He also tells him that staying in the city would be bad for his health. Impressed the client leaves.

When the Astrologer goes home and explains to his wife why he is late, he celebrates with her over the additional money he's made from the client that afternoon. Then he explains to his wife that he's so glad that the man he thought he killed all those years ago and threw down a well didn't die.

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