Who is Katherine 'Casey' Singleton from Airframe and what is their importance?

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Katherine 'Casey' Singleton from Airframe is the main character of the story. She is a single divorced mother of a six year old daughter. Her relationship with her ex-husband is strained at best. Her former husband is 'still' unemployed and one may read between the lines to infer that his lack of employment on a continual basis, and the fact that Casey makes VERY nice money working as an engineer for Norton Aircraft, might be one of the major causes for the splitup. Casey finds herself being used by her company and set up to take the fall for the latest airframe problem by the company. Determined to hold onto her job and not jeopardize her future to provide for herself and her daughter she goes to extraoridnary lengths to prove that her company did not cause the crash and that the sale to China should go ahead and move forward.