The Aeneid

Name three places in the text in which the gods reveal Aeneas's or Rome's destinies

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Explicitly the gods, one would have to go with obviously Jupiter's prophecy to Venus in Book 1 of the Aeneid, also Apollo's propechy through Deiphobe (Cumaen Sibyl) in Book 6, whilst not necessarily a god, Anchises does a good job of Rome's future with his catalogue of heroes. There are also instances of the Penates in Book 3 appearing to Aeneas and telling him to get a shift on and get to Italy, as well as the omen of Priam's murdered son, Polydorus. And to briefly name a few more, Venus, Creusa, Cybele, Mercury, Thybris, Helenus, Celaeno and Cymodocea among others.