About a Boy

Who is Will Freeman from About a Boy and what is their importance?

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Will Freeman from About a Boy is the most unlikliest of father figures. In fact, it is the furthest idea from his mind that he might be anything to anyone....and he believes that he likes things this way. He is independently wealthy (his father wrote a huge hit song in the 30s), so he has spent most of his adult life living a very carefree, bohemian lifestyle. He wants no committments and believes that single mothers are so war-torn from their divorces and having to raise children on their own, that all they want are one night stands. He pretends to have a 2 year old so that he can join a single parents group to pick up women. This, in a round about way, is how he meets Marcus's mother. He quickly realizes that he and Marcus's mother will not work out, but Marcus is determined that they should be married. Eventually, even Marcus realizes this, but by that time he and Will have become good friends, and both Marcus and Will benefit from the relationship. This relationship also allows Marcus to mature and be able to make a true committment to another woman.