A Wrinkle in Time

Describe each of the folowing: Mrs. Witch, Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, Aunt Beast; IT.

This is from Wrinkle in Time the book

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Mrs. Who wears large, thick glasses, and finds it easier to quote from great works than to speak in her own words. What Mrs. Who says is hard to understand, because she quotes from Latin, Shakespeare and the Bible. The children (and the reader) must decipher the meanings hidden in the quotes she uses.

Mrs. Who gives Meg her glasses as a gift, and Meg uses them at a pivotal point in the story to find a way to her father.

Mrs. Who gives Meg her glasses as a gift, and Meg uses them at a pivotal point in the story to find a way to her father.

Mrs. Whatsit first appears on a dark and stormy night, an old woman dressed in layers of clothes who speaks in a pleasant "unoiled" kind of voice. She talks of mysterious things like tesseracts and being blown off course. Meg, Charles and Calvin learn that she is the youngest of the three ladies, and the most able to verbalize with humans.

Aunt Beast lives on the planet Ixchel, a dull, primitive planet with no color but wonderful smells and food. Meg thinks of her as a monster, a large beast, with soft fur but no face. She communicates through her mind and uses her tentacles to feel and give comfort. At first, Meg is frightened of the monster she perceives Aunt Beast to be, but Aunt Beast is a motherly figure, who misses her children and takes care of Meg when the Black Thing paralyzes her. Aunt Beast loves Meg, and her gentleness and kindness make Meg love her back. Aunt Beast communicates on a higher level with all creatures in the universe, and she feels sorry for Meg for being limited by words, sight, and a lonely home planet.

IT is a giant brain that controls the man with the red eyes and the citizens of Camazotz. Because there is only a brain, IT needs other people to do things. IT is part of the evil that is the Black Thing, and IT is very old. Because if ITs strength and age, IT is not used to anyone resisting, which is how Mr. Murry was able to resist for so long. IT is also not capable of recognizing love, only hate and fear.

Mrs. Which is the oldest of the visitors to Earth. She is too old to be comfortable materializing, so often she appears as a shimmer or glimmer of silver. On one planet, she amuses the other two ladies by appearing as a traditional witch, green with a broomstick.