A Modest Proposal

some example question and answer on modest proposal by swift

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Who wrote A Modest Proposal? Johnathan Swift

In A Modest Proposal, what does the writer call the condition of the poor children of Ireland?

He says that they are too scrawy and diseased to be of use to anyone.

How best can the problem for the children be solved? He suggests that the children be fattened up for some other, more practical use.

How do the children make themselves most useful? They can fatten up so that they can be used for food for the rich man's table.

Does Swift really mean what he is saying?

This is a satirical tale where the plight of the young impoverished Irish children is solved by a 'proposal'. The proposal is that they should be used as food for the rich man's table, but that unless they fatten them up that they will not be good for anything.