A Man of the People

how is a man of the people satirical

novel by Chinua Achebe

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A Man of the People is a political satire novel written by Chinua Achebe (Things Fall Apart). The theme revolves around the differing views of two groups of people. One group has older people and the other group is filled with younger and more progressive individuals.

In a startling commentary (satirical in nature) Achebe shows that those who would be great, will also be humble. This is evidence by the way that Konkevo (a great man in Emuofia) dies and is buried without fanfare or respect. Obi, the correupt secretary to the scholarship board, goes to prison. The only people who are held up with respect in the end, is Okonkwo (who commits suicide) and Ezeulu who suffers nobly. The entire novel is a satire on political leaders in Africa. Poltiicans are shown to be villians rather than rational leaders. Self resepct and morality don't exist in their world. Likewise, the author takes to task the villagers who sit passively by and allow the corruption to occur, sporadically punishing some, and ignoring others.