A Christmas Carol

Can someone please explain me the meaning and the context of this passage from Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

"This was a great relief because " three days after sight of this First of Exchange pay to Mr Ebenezer Scrooge or his order, " and so forth would have become a mere United States security if there were no days to count by."

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This means since he is getting payed that there is no worry in the day.
He says this during the early scenes where his nephew, Fred is coming and before any of the spirits have visited. He means that he is grateful for the state of affairs that keeps everyone in their station of life.

Due to the reckless financiering that ended in the Panic of 1837 and the ensuing default by a number of American states, American government debt had become a byword for worthlessness because the English at that time did not understand the American system of government - local, state, and federal.