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Examples of Objectivity, Subjectivity, Proximity, Bias, &Timelessness in the movie 12 Angry Men(1957)...?

So in my jounalism class we have to write a "essay" on ways this movie relates to jounalism. Using specific example of - objectivity, subjectivity, proximity, bias, &timelessness that are presented in the movie. Can anyone help me out and give me a few examples that could help? I'm completely stuck. PLEASE & THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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please tell the relationship between juror 3 and his son

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If you will recall, this entire story is based on heresay, skewed perspectives, and biases on the part of many of the jurors. Many of the jurors come to the table, literally, believing that the defendant is guilty simply because of who he is. Many of the jurors begin objectively but are easily swayed by the continued prejudices of the other jurors. It is only the one juror that sticks to his guns that finally wins over everyone long enough for the truth to come out.

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