What happened during the slave trade?

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During the slave trade, people (usually were black) were traded to wealthier people (usually were white) for money. The slaves were given very little food and worked very hard.

The slaves would be taken from their land and traded for profitable goods. They would mainly work in agriculture and in the plantation houses. Most slaves where taken to South America. Some slaves were paid a very small wage but within time, they could buy their freedom although not many slaves did.

They generally got a lot of really harsh punishment, and in many ways.

These included the following:

  • Castration or cutting off half the foot for lesser crimes (used in plantations)
  • Flogging (on the Middle Passage)
  • Cutting off various limbs (on the Middle Passage)
  • Throwing slaves overboard ("")
  • Branding with hot irons ("")
  • Tied up ("")
  • Raped ("")
  • Burning alive (for rebellions in plantations)

But why did they do that back then