I just turned 63 and am in great health. I am getting ready to build what I hope is my last home so I want it to be elderly friendly, small yet spacious and very comfortable.

My problems are as follows:

1. I know that cathedral ceilings make a house look spacious and open however I do not like carpeting and it is difficult for me to hear as sounds echo. I find it difficult to hear the TV (which I very much enjoy) and other people.

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: Cathedral ceilings do make a room feel spacious, but that doesn't always translate as being comfortable or cozy to many people. If you do like the look of a high ceiling, but want the coziness then think about creating niches within the room (with just furniture arrangement and/or semi-walls) for cozy sitting areas and for watching TV. There are a number of good examples of this strategy in my book "The New Family Home". Reduce echoes by using throw rugs on the floor and hanging tapestries on the walls
cathedral ceilings will not help
cathedral ceilings????