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In what ways did Kit NOT fit into the puritan society?

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Her parents owned a sugar cane plantation in Barbados. She is not used to hard labor because she is used to having slaves do the work for her. She is used to having a lot of free time and doing what she pleases. The structure and rules of the Puritan society frustrate her. She knows how to swim which was thought as a sign of witchcraft in women during this time period. She has the habit of speaking her mind whereas Puritans know how to hold their tounges. 

yankee842 | 2426 days ago

Kit is totally an outsider when she arrives at Blackbird Pond. Puritans believe in living a life of sacrifice and plainness. This is something that Kit has never had to deal with. She is opinionated (very wrong for a woman back then), she treats outsiders with respect (also not done...if you weren't Puritan and were of the devil), and she does not believe in hard work (again...a sign of the devil). 

MHood2 | 1627 days ago