The Phantom Tollbooth

the phantom tollbooth by norton juster, page 199 has a copy of letter with numbers, can you translate it for me?

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"He's much too unreasonable," interrupted the Mathemagician again. "Why, just last month I sent him a very friendly letter, which he never had the courtesy to answer. See for yourself."
He handed Milo a copy of the letter, which read:
4738 1919,
667 394017 5841 62589
85371 14 39588 7190434 203
27689 57131 481206.
5864 98053,

"But maybe he doesn't understand numbers," said Milo, who found it a little difficult to read himself.

did you read all of the book.

they said:

"Everyone understands

numbers. No matter what language you speak, they always mean the same thing. A seven is a seven anywhere in the world."