The Cider House Rules

What are the Cider House rules in the Cider House Rules?


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From the text:

1. Please, don't operate the grinder or the press if you've been drinking.

2. Please don't smoke in bed or use candles.

3. Please don't go up on the roof if you've been drinking--especially at night.

4. Please wash out the press cloths the same day or night they are used.

5. Please remove the rotary screen immediately after you've finished pressing and hose it clean WHEN THE POMACE IS STILL WET ON IT!

6. Please don't take bottles with you when you go up on the roof.

7. Please--even if you are very hot (or if you've been drinking)-- don't go into the cold-storage room to sleep.

8. Please give your shopping list to the crew boss by seven o-clock in the morning.

9. There should be no more than half a dozen people on the roof at any one time.


Cider House Rules