The Bluest Eye

What is the significance othe the title, The Bluest Eye?

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Throughout the novel their are continous references to blue eyes and Pecola's obseesion to them. She loves Shirley Temple and notices the love adn affection she recieves, Pecola believes taht this is due to her blue eyes and that if she al;so has them she will finally obtain love, "But how do you get someone to love you". Also possibly the greatest irony in the novel is the fact taht when Pecola (believes) she gets her blue eyes, life is not betetr, no one loves her still, she is completely alone. Perhaps her quest for blue eyes in a way gave her hope, and not taht she ahs obtained them ad nothing has changed, this is Pecola final breaking point. This is only my opinion I hope itwas some help. Micky Q

Pecola believes that white people are beautiful. So she wishes for the whitest quality she can see and that is to have blue eyes. She spends the entire story trying to get blue eyes, which is obviously impossible.