Tess of the d'Urbervilles

1. Why do Tess's parents want to send her to claim their kin? 2. How does Tess's family attempt to make money, and how it this plan almost spoiled? 5. Describe Mrs. Durbeyfiels's work ethic.

3. If you were in Tess's shoes, what would be your misgivings about being asked to deliver the beehives?

4. Explain the conversation Tess and her brother Abraham have about the stars.

6. What does Hardy sugget about dialects, and stardard and nonstardard English in the following statement, and what does he suggest about Tess?

Mrs. Durbeyfield habitually spoke the dialect; her daughter, who had passed the Sixth Standard in the National School under a London-trained mistress, spoke two languages; the dialect at home, more or less ; ordinary abroad and to persons of quality.

7. Describe the dramtic effect associated with Jack Durbeyfield.

8. How does Hardy charaterize Jack Durbeyfield?

9. Why does Joan Durbeyfield like to go fetch her husband from town?

10. Through the first three chapters what do we learn about the role fate will play in the novel

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