Of Mice and Men

Show how Steinbeck introduces Geroge and Lennie in chapter one. (include the physical descripion) - Lennie childlike attitude -georges frustration -and the significance to the U.S dream

please make a 5-6 paragraph essay. this will be an example essay for my class. who ever answers it well gets 25 points, GOOD LUCK!!!

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steinbeck really shows us that george and lennie are a strange couple to look at, as george is very cleverm but lennie is a dumb boring character, but comes accross quiete funny. Also George tells Lennie to do something and he will do it, as he is a scared person,and has the mental age opf a kid. Lennie and George are a good pair, as Geroge does all the talking, but Lennie proves that theya re good workers, as he is very strong and can get them jobs east, as long as he doesnt talk, as he isnt a very good talker.

In the story, Of Mice and Men, the characters of Lennie and George are introduced in great detail. The author does this for several reasons, not only to make the reading more enjoyable and to draw the reader into the story, but to also make a social commentary on the American Dream.

Lennie is described as tall, gangly, uncoordinated, simple and childlike. He is socially and mentally delayed and he relies on his brother, George to enlighten him on normal day to day things. This would seem to signify that the American dream is similar in that it is often too large, or bigger than others, promises great things that it can't deliver, and ultimately causes disaster and suffering.

George is described as smaller, angry, disillusioned, a man of broken dreams. He is the voice of reality to Lennie's dreamer. In the end, it is this reality that has to take the life from the 'American Dream'.