What are weaknesses displayed by Odysseus in the Odyssey by Homer?

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In the Odyssey, while leaving Polyphemos' cave in Bk 9, Odysseus taunts the blinded Polyphemos until the Cyclops responds by heaving massive boulders. This action of Odysseus' nearly cost him the life of himself and the crew. Once again. this is another unnecessary risk that Odysseus takes, not to mention the fact that he drew the revenge of Poseidon for his son on himself. The extra time that it takes Odysseus on his homeward-bound journey from Troy is a direct result of this prideful act.

Pride is one of Odysseus' greatest weaknesses. It is what costs him so much loss of time on his way home. A good example of this is when he taunts the cyclops and is then cursed by Poseiden. His other weakness is his curiosity. While we may not consider this a weakness, for Odysseus it is. If he had not spent so much time exploring the Cyclops' cave he would not have lost a great deal of his crew. Lastly, Odysseus was easily given to temptation. This is evidence by his looong stay on the island of the Sirens.

Hubris(fatal pride)