Do the witches really know the future, or do theyjust know how to get people to think what they want them to? Another way to ask is, do people have free will or is fate it?

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People always have the right to choose no matter what the circumstances, IQ, Social Economic Status, Education, Young, Old, Race, Gender, etc. Therefore freewill is being able to choose your action and words at any level of understanding and situation in life.

Do people have free will or is it fate - is really a personal question. Technically there is no way to prove this one way or the other. However, in my personal beliefs I think it is a combination of both free will and fate. For example, some things are fated for us. We cannot choose who our parents are, what race/sex we are, and what country we are born in. These fated things will impact our entire lives. However, we have free will in many aspects of our lives which stem off of how we react to what we have been fated. For example if your mother is an alcoholic you have free will whether to use it as an excuse to become an alcoholic yourself or to not touch alcohol. You may be born poor but you have free will whether to live that way your entire life or work really hard to improve your situation. Your parents might not have graduated high school but you have free will whether you are going to continue the trend or complete your education and make a better life for yourself. The play Macbeth does bring up the question of free will vs. fate but it doesn't answer it. Shakespeare leaves it up to his audience to ponder. I have given you my answer that I believe it is a combination of free will and fate. Ponder that awhile and come to your own conclusion.

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