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What did you think of the relationship between Glory and Mrs. Cullinan?

Explain In A Paragragh.

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the relation ship between glory  and mrs cullinan is well , glory seems accepted the fact that black people are under the conterol of white section .even so, Mrs cullinan rename her glory, glory accepted it


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Glory is Mrs. Cullinan's cook and she is the one that fills Maya in on some of their employer's background. Glory has taken care of Cullinan for many years and simply puts up with the woman's quirks. She accepts them as normal, even the insults and attitude. Maya can't do that. When Mrs. Cullinan decides to change Maya's name, Maya determines that she will have to do something to get fired, as her Momma won't let her quit. Glory represents the older generation of African Americans and Maya as the new generation.

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