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What does Blanchard's yellow balloon symbolize in Fever 1793?
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Jean Pierre Blanchard launched the first hot-air balloon flown in the United States of America from Walnut Street, Philadelphia, in early 1793. The flying balloon and soaring aeronaut stunned and captivated the citizens of Philadelphia. A subsequent planned balloon flight was rendered impossible by the epidemic described in the novel. Blanchard's yellow silk balloon is presented as a symbol of hope in the novel, and Mattie compares it to the rising sun that starts a new day.
saywhat2365 | 2509 days ago

And of course, fever, or malaria, was often called Yellow Fever because it turned eyes yellow.

MHood2 | 1621 days ago

Are you sure it symbolyzes hope? I think the balloon itself represents Mattie and the ropes mother.

(guest) | 449 days ago