Edgar Allan Poe

I am writing an essay on the similarities and differences on the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly and The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Po. I need serious help, please and thankyou!!!

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What points have you come up with so far? Keep in mind that Black Cat is about a man who murdered his wife and stuffed her between the walls of his basement... Throughout the text we hear him refer to the black cat, and how the black cat keeps reappearing. The black cat is real, dont get me wrong! Its just that he is also referring to his wife as the cat, and saying that he killed the cat, but the cat keep reappearing. It does reappear, however it was never dead in the first place... It was his wife. Kind of like he couldn't let go of her and admit that he had killed her. Same with Frankenstein - the mad dr loved his monster and that's why he put him together... Understand?