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Respected Sir, I am Indian, resident of New Delhi, I have two children elder one is daughter . She doing Mass Communication from Inderprasht university New Delhi , younger one is doing 10th standard

My request is to pl. do me a favour sponsored my girl child education so that she could be helping hand of the family in future because I am not able to afford the expenses of the University.

Thanking you awaiting your positive reply

Ishwar Singh

Ph . no 0919213553185

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India is the second most populous country in the world, with over 1 billion persons.Unfortunately bill gates cannot sponsor every one.So your girl should go for scholarship based on merit and if she wins then that solves it.Alternatively she can do part time work to sponsor herself.Thirdly you can marry her out to a gentleman willing to sponsor her through university.I can help you find such suitors if you espressely wish to.My contact email