A Girl Named Disaster

Who are the main character of the stoy?

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There are six important characters in the book A Girl Name Disaster.

The main character is Nhamo. The 11 year old girl lives in Mozambigiue, Africa in a traditional Shona village. Her name means disaster, and thus the title of the book. Her maternal relatives treat her like a laborer and not a member of the family. After cholera breaks out in their village the traditional healer blames Nhomo for the disease and she is forced to leave.

Ambuya is Nhamo’s grandmother. She is affectionate towards Nhamo and is the only postive person in the girl's life.

Nhamo’s mom was killed by a leapord when Nhamo was a toddler. Throughout the story, however, Nhamo feels the spirit of her mother with her.

Nhamo’s dad is not in her life either. He shamefully ran away after killing another man.

There is also another important character in the story- a scientist. Nhamo met some scientists when she was in Efifi. She thinks that one of them looks like her mom.