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How do I download?

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click the download button??? O.o lol

but seriously, it depends on what you're downloading.

On BookRags, downloading requires purchase or subscription to the service. On the internet in general, download webpages can be achieved by pressing Ctrl+S on your keyboard, or going to File -> Save Page As... (differing between browsers). For files that your browser cannot open, such as word documents or programs, navigate to the URL and your browser wll attempt to download the file for you.
If you are looking to downlaoad something, there will be a button that says, "downlad" or "click here". After doing so, it depends on which browser you're using. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, just put what you downladed into a file, for example "My Music". If you are using Mozilla Firefox it is the same, and if you are using Mac's Safari you click on "save" then put the downladed file where you want to save it. Often, you can open the download application from your toolbar (I.E or Mozilla) and click on the download. For Safari, you can do the same, or just simply open up the location of the file. This applies to all downlads, including music, pdfs, document, and powerpoints.