Chapter 6 Notes from Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapter 6

Porch sitters in Eatonville sit and talk about Matt Bonner's mule. They make fun of him and say that he doesn't feed the mule, which explains why the mule is so thin. Janie tries to talk and have fun making fun of the mule too, but Jody doesn't allow her to; he silences her voice:

"Janie loved the conversation and sometimes she thought up good stories on the mule, but Joe had forbidden her to indulge. He didn't want her talking after such trashy people." Chapter 6, pg. 50

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Janie hates working in the store and post office. Jody makes Janie keep her hair tied up because he is jealous of the men who stare at it. It is there for him to stare at, not others. They make fun of Matt Bonner's mule more and decide to play a joke on Matt. Some of the town members stand around the mule and tease it. Janie gets very angry at this because she feels the mule is an overworked, helpless animal; she relates to the mule. Jody buys Matt's mule for $5 (even though the mule isn't worth anything) so he can let the mule rest/die in peace. Everyone in the town praises him for doing such a noble thing, including Janie. Now, the mule is treated like any other citizen of the town, but eventually, he dies. Janie asks Jody if she can go with him to the burial, but Jody says no. He doesn't want Janie doing the kinds of things that normal people do.

The funeral is held for the mule. Joe and other town members make fun of the mule and Matt Bonner. Birds climb onto the mule and begin to eat the carcass.

Jody comes back to the store and he and Janie have a little argument about people liking to have fun.

The porch sitters get into a debate about what prevents people from touching hot stoves, nature or caution. The argument is never finished. There is an argument over the infamous Bog John de Conquer, a super-human type of man known for eating Pharaohs' tombstones and never taking a whipping.

A couple of pretty girls come walking by and they catch the attention of all of the men. One girl in particular, Daisy Blunt, is especially beautiful. She is described as having features like a white woman. Two of the men fight over who would do more for her. The porch talkers enjoy this kind of talk and find it humorous.

Janie and Jody are in the store and there is talk over a missing bill. Jodie insults Janie and says that she needs to be told what to do, because she is no smarter than a chicken or a cow:

"'Somebody got to think for women and chillun and chickens and cows. I god, they sho don't think none theirselves.'" Chapter 6, pg. 67

Janie learns to not fight back when Joe insults her.

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Janie is 24 now. One day, after Joe slaps her because the dinner doesn't turn out right, Janie realizes that her marriage is basically over. Jody isn't what she thought he was and he is not fulfilling her. He is not what she always dreamed of.

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One of the women from the town comes to Joe and begs him for more food for her and her children. She says her husband doesn't feed them, which is a lie. Joe goes into the store and gives her a small piece of pork; she complains that it is so small. She leaves and everyone on the porch makes fun of her. Janie gets annoyed and does something she normally doesn't do - gives her opinion:

"Janie did what she had never done before, that is, thrust herself into the conversation." Chapter 6, pg. 70

Jody gets angry and tells her that she is getting too mouthy.

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